What we do

GlobalHotspot.net provides 256 bit encrypted VPN Local Wifi systems for business anywhere in the world where there is a high speed connection to the internet. We offer a complete mobile solution for their local business. Futhermore,GlobalSpot.net. delivers results for local businesses by transforming their client acquisition and retention strategies through the implementation of mobile into their marketing strategy. GlobalHotspot.net continually invests in our tools and our team to ensure that our technology and training are cutting edge and that we remain as the leading mobile marketing company in today’s competitive market.

PicOfMeInMaui About Us

Phil Melbourne


As well as being the owner, Phil is also the creative force behind creating customers. Phil has years of technical experience. When you meet Phil, you will be excited that he and his team will create the product of your dreams. His personal email is phil@globalhotspot.net

Me About Us

Simon Lewis


I help Local Businesses develop, manage, and market a 5-Star online reputation that generates new Leads and Customers. 216-223-8693